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Nutrition and Ecology

Posted By Khelga / 20 abril, 2012 / Sin categoría / 1 Comment

TomatoesOur body – the most generous gift life itself has granted us. We live and experience life though our body. Yet how well do we know and understand our sacred temple and the signals it sends us? We mastered the iPhone, we are hands on with the latest technological advancements, yet did we master our body? In these fast times we live in, our body is frequently treated as an object not as a living organism, just as food is treated as a product not as an earth-to-body nutrient. What is food? What our choices of food are based on?  How food- intelligent are we?
My collaboration with Ecomallorca is about nutrition, health and ecology. My wish is to share with you and transmit the magical connection and the close relation between nutrition, the state of our health and ecology. Nutrition ecology, the inter-disciplinary science was founded by a group of the University of Giessen nutritionists in Germany in 1986. It puts under the spotlight all components of the food chain and evaluates their effects from four main points of view: human health, the environment, society and the economy. The roots of nutrition ecology date back to the ancient times.

Understanding the food we eat

In order to understand the food we eat and what our choices are based on we need to take a step back to basics to be reminded that the body is our life engine of synthesis, where many chemical and biological reactions occur. Nutrition provides fuel for these reactions, without them there is no life. To gain the understanding of the bodily functions is to know how to maintain it, keep it running efficiently, regenerated and energised. We are bound not to nature ourselves properly or understand the food we eat and nutritional concepts (dieting is one of them) without understanding body’s internal functions and structures. The food has a great long-term impact not only on our digestive system but also on how we look and behave, it conditions our quality of life as without proper nutrition our body does not function properly, internal structures give up and we get unwell or ill. Learning how to eat healthy is an important skill. And our best pill is our food.

Khlega currently holds monthly Anti-aging interactive nutrition workshops in Zunray School of Yoga and Personal Development in Palma


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  • 20 abril, 2012 at 13:58

    Totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dice el video.
    Hay que darlo a conocer para que realmente cada uno de nosotros seamos los responsables de nuestra propia salud.
    Gracias a todos los que ayudan a que esta información tan valiosa y que a todos nos concierne este ahí.


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