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Khelga has been involved in nutrition and ecology since she can remember. It has forever been her passion. She became closer involved in anti-aging effects of nutrition since 1997 when she helped to care for the elderly in nursing home who suffered from age related degenerative diseases, wondering why people became sick as they aged and having noticed that many people in their old age were highly energetic and healthy. It is with this in mind she went ahead in search of her quest in prevention of disease and encouraging young aging through nutrition. She collaborated with some health environmental organisations, amongst them Foundacion Alborada which investigates and advocates the knowledge of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Her own digestive discomforts led her to research and discover first- hand the practice of well-being and organic nutrition to promote regeneration and quality longevity. She continuously researches on the subject of preventive nutritional therapies and has special interest in new approaches to health through nutrition, active body and mind. Khelga holds MS in Economics and MA in Applied linguistics, a former business analyst in JP Morgan Chase & Co. Investment bank. Now she practices as nutritional therapist and holds an appointment as visiting Reflexologist in Imagen Integral. A firmer believer in early educational concepts through creativity and imagination she also runs Food creativity workshops for kids as part of her Nutrition Literacy Education Project to encourage children to eat fruits and veggies from the early age. Khelga is a keen gardener, loves animals and enjoys regular yoga practice. Currently she holds monthly Anti-aging interactive nutrition workshops in Zunray School of Yoga and Personal Development in Palma www.zunray.com
Mindful eating, mindful living

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How can we live a long, happy and healthy life and grow old young?...
Nutrition and Ecology

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Our body – the most generous gift life itself has granted us. We live...