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Mindful eating, mindful living

Posted By Khelga / 6 mayo, 2012 / Estilo de vida / 0 Comments

How can we live a long, happy and healthy life and grow old young? The first step to look well after anything in life is to know how it works and what it requires. By knowing our body now, we eliminate problems later. The first and the most important challenge of all, the one to unveil the key to fulfilling ourselves and to enjoying the food is self- knowledge – the knowledge of our body.

If I am to describe the structure of our body in a simple way it will be this – cells, tissues, organs, systems.

Human body contains many different types of cells – trillions of the microscopic units of life in our body. Cells group to form tissues (muscle, nerve, etc.). Tissues are a collection of similar cells that come together to perform a specific function. Organs are the next level of organisation in our body. It combines tissues for a common purpose. There are many organs in the body (heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys and more).

The process of digestion starts at ingestion and chewing and ends with defecation. It encompasses several steps which are unique to each one of us. The process may last between 24 to 72 hours. The more fibre in the diet, the faster the process.

So how does the digestive process occur in our system and why? This short explanatory video is here to help us grasp foundations.

Body works inside out

To love our body is not only to cleanse it from outside – to put our creams and exfoliate our skin. To love our body is to nourish it from the inside so it can shine bright outside. The conduit to the brightness is our digestive system. Our skin is the mirror of our bodily wellbeing, as we shine through our skin when we are well nourished and the skin fades when we are not.

To remember healthier food with fruits and vegetables while limiting meat and dairy is a good example to follow and which is reflected in our physical look. Body is our temple and our best friend; let us be gentle to it and mindful in our eating.

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